I Haris Manzoor R/O- Baramulla, Kashmir was suffering from PUJ Obstruction that lead to severe abdominal pains. It was a toughest phase of my life. I consulted a doctor in Kashmir and he advised me for a surgery called Pyeloplasty and that too to be done at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Delhi due to modern technology at this hospital. Inititially It was very frustrating for me to move over to Delhi and have such a costly surgery. But now I feel very happy to have got this surgery done at SGRH, Delhi because the facilities extended were very good.
I must say I was very lucky to get consultation and proper guidance from Dr. Vipin Tyagi, a very sincere and highly capable surgeon (Urology). He was very supportive during the whole period of surgery.
Out of the many technical methods of Pyeloplasty, I opted for Robotic Pyelopasty as it is the most modern and precise technical process. The whole surgical phobia which I was facing before the surgery was just wiped out by Robotic Pyeloplasty. The minimal pain and the quick post-surgery recovery were the major plus points of this technology. I must appreciate the technical hand of Dr. Vipin Tyagi and his surgical team who are the masters at handling this surgery so professionally.
Last but not the least, the overall patiental care and facilities extended at Ganga Ram Hospital are the best in the industry and need to be appreciated.
I hereby recommend with utmost sincerity the Robotic Pyeloplastic Surgery for PUJ Obstruction by Dr. Vipin Tyagi & his team at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi to all the patients suffering from this problem. God bless you.

Haris ManzoorBaramulla, Kashmir

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